Scott Langley's

Writing Samples

Comments on CS Docket No. 97-55.  Submitted  to the Commissioners of the Federal Communications Commission during the public comment period for the FCC's review of the television ratings system.
April 2, 1997.

 My Vision of the Information Superhighway.  A directed writing assignment for Communications 412Q, a special topics class on the "Information Superhighway" as it was called at the time.
August 11, 1994.

A High-Speed Architecture for Decision Feedback Equalization. Draft chapter of my first thesis topic.
March 17, 1994.

A letter to the editor of the campus newspaper.  In response to an editorial on U.S. foreign policy.
Fall of 1993.

A letter to the director of OSU Student Housing. Requested permission for an out of the ordinary event for my dorm.
April 19, 1993

Manipulating People -- Where to Draw the Line. A directed writing assignment for BA 352, Organizational Behavior.
July 30, 1992.

A letter to a client specifying the design of a cardiac monitoring device.  An assignment in ECE 573, Computer Organization and Architecture II.
March 16, 1992 .

An Examination of the Present and Future Use of Computer Vision. A term paper for WR 327, Technical Report Writing.
May 30, 1991.

 Packet Radio Networks Using Spread Spectrum Technology. A term paper for ECE 463, Communications II.
Spring of 1991.

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