Scott Langley's

Top Ten Coolest Programming Projects I Wish I Could Work On

  1. Realistic driving simulator to teach students how to handle hazardous driving conditions.
  2. Interactive experiments for the teaching of Math and Science.
  3. Virtual world simulating what life was like in an historical time period.
  4. Decision support system for the management of micromachines working inside the human body to fight disease.  (This project will have to wait a while for the technology to advance.)
  5. OLAP/Data Mining project to determine relationships between demographic, geographic, and economic data and the laws and policies of state governments.
  6. Control programs for autonomous robots like those used in the Mars Pathfinder mission.
  7. Entertaining simulation written with Sid Mier.
  8. Game using an exercise machine as input so people - including myself - can enjoy working out.
    (I've actually done this one as a personal project - but in the form of making an exercise bike control nearly all of my PC games. Someday, after I polish up the code sufficiently, I'll release it on the unsuspecting public.)
  9. Real-time battlefield management system for the Department of Defense.
  10. Experimental research using VR goggles and gear as an interface for the display and manipulation of information.
I'm probably just dreaming at this point, but working on one of these project would sure be fun.

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