Phase 2: Database-to-RSS Notifications in response to Custom SQL queries / Complex-logic Triggers


This phase of the project would create new RSS entries for database changes as typified by these seven examples provided by finance.


  1. Allow certain of the custom queries to be 'parameterized' - such as choosing a threshold value: 10%, 20%, or 30%.
  2. Abstract out the common functionality and scope the shared needs of the 7 example queries so that future queries can be more easily created.

To be determined

  1. System for subscribing to database alerts at the user level vs. a single RSS feed for database events.
  2. Closely-related to 1., security/permissions for whom can read RSS feeds and pages/events linked to by the feeds.
  3. Closely-related to 1., allow subscription to events by category and/or severity.
  4. Define the details about how a particular database alert/event is displayed. Which contents and how it's formatted.
  5. Define the behavior(s) that should occur when a new row to monitored appears in a table. (For example, how do you decide when a particular item has increased 10% when this is the first time it has existed.)
  6. Is the the email-to-RSS feed mechanism sufficient or is a more robust and 'trackable' mechanism needed?

-- ScottLangley - 07 May 2009