A letter that was part of the application process to graduate school.

The Graduate School Interests and Objectives of Scott Langley

I wish to pursue a Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. My ultimate educational goal is to have the knowledge and skills necessary to research a topic in electrical engineering and develop it into practical applications. The nature of the topic, I can not exactly describe yet, but it should have real value to society as well as agree with my interests.

What most interests me is the flow, manipulation, and use of information. That may sound broad and vague compared to the various accepted divisons of electrical engineering. Of course this general interest of mine does not exist as a pure, separate form in electrical engineering. Control systems, communications, and computer engineering are all involved, as well as other fields to some extent. My intent is not to develop the ultimate model of how to categorize and manipulate information, but rather to apply my interests and ways of thinking to real world problems that require solutions.

Making a contribution to improving the world is a strong motivation for me. I see how computer and electrical technology has dramatically changed how we work and live over the past twenty years, especially with regard to information technology. And for the future, it is clear to me that information technology will play a huge role in our society. Improved air traffic control, parallel computing, and the fiber optic connection of the whole world, are some of the areas of continuing development that interest me. This term, as a research paper for my technical report writing class, I am looking into the use of computer vision for robotic systems. These trends in technology and the fact that my mind enjoys puzzling over and conceptualizing how these systems function, persuade me to pursue this field.

Engineering is about specifics. Science and technology are applied to design a certain system to function with specific abilities and within specific constraints. Specific companies cater to specific markets. In pursuing this technology of information, I want to learn some specifics on computer structures, communications, control systems, and signal processing. From courses in these many fields, I intend to get a broad background and a taste of what each field is like. It is impossible to continually study everything. Eventually, I would like to focus on a specific use of information technology, research it and apply it. Those are my objectives.

My senior year courses were in the areas of control systems and communications. Now I would like to take courses in computer engineering and circuits with some higher level courses in control and communications as well.

Senior Year Courses

451 Dynamic System Simulation

452 Control Engineering I

453 Control Engineering II

454 Control Engineering III

461 Probabilistic Methods in Electrical Engineering

462 Communications I

463 Communications II

464 Digital Signal Processing


Tentative Plan for Next Year


424/524 Basic Semiconductor Devices

472/572 Computer Architecture I

550 Linear Systems


471/571 Computer Engineering: Microcomputer Applications

473/573 Computer Architecture II

560 Stochastic Signals and Systems


422/522 Data Acquisition II

475/575 Advanced Microprocessors

567 Digital Signal Processing

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