If you are wondering why I dropped the NROTC Program, here is a copy of my official reason for disenrollment:

I developed serious reservations about the Naval Service during my summer training cruise.

Before I departed on my cruise, I was a proud and happy member of my NROTC unit. My buddies and I were proud to be in this together, pursuing careers as naval officers. The experience I found on my submarine cruise was something greatly different.

From my perspective, I saw people in the chain-of-command abusing power and neglecting responsibility. The officers of my boat ridiculed a 1/c midshipman constantly about his weight control problem. The man felt genuinely hurt as it continued. I can't respect officers who like putting people down. I heard of chiefs lying to their men. Someone started a false rumor about me that made the crew shun me until I had to explain it to be false. I saw enlisted men gang up on the oddball enlisted to physically abuse and humiliate them. What seemed worse to me was that officers didn't know all that went on and I don't think they cared how the enlisted got along with each other. I felt the majority of the officers took on only enough responsibility for their duties to prevent them from being criticized by their superiors. I found other problems that I won't take time to mention. Overall, I lost most of my pride in the Naval Service.

I did see good men and officers who were dedicated in their duty, but they didn't receive any special recognition or promotions. As I imagined what I could accomplish as a junior officer, I thought I would be always going against the grain of the system, constantly complaining about wrongs but no able to change things. With the majority of the officers I see having views differing from mine I think I would be set apart and looked down upon by my command for rocking the boat.

I believe in tackling challenges and doing what I feel to be right. In foreseeing what I can accomplish in my life, I think I could do more in the civilian world to benefit our country where I wouldn't be restricted by the bureaucracy of the Navy and the limitations on effective management stemming from the chain-of-command.

This was a very tough decision to make.

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